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2015 List of Donors

Basic Membership Club $25.00 - $49.99

Melanie Merkle Atha

Kay Beckett

Margaret Burns

Bobby and Meg Byrd

Woody and Joy Collins

Richard and Candy Crawford

Meriam Glass

Robert Glass

Stratten Lewis, Jr.

Tommy and Mary Miller

Patricia Pino

Gaius and Lou Whitfield

Sonny and Jackie Woodfin


Faunsdale Society $50.00 - $99.99

Charlotte Byrd

David and Sue Perry

Patricia Pino

William and Lucile Rankin

Jimmy and Frances Woodfin

Gaius and Margaret S. Whitfield, Jr.


Canebrake Society $100.00 - $249.99 

Everlou Aiken

Inge and Elizabeth Beeker

Tom Boggs

Brian and Dianne Brooker

Ben Burford

Max Campbell

Van and Marian Carter

Cornerstone Music Studios

Culpepper Electric

Reggie and Margaret Dean

Faunsdale Bar & Grill

Faunsdale Town Council

Alston and Annie Fitts

Alan and Jamie Flowers

Edward B. Gaines

Janet Givhan

Kirsten Givhan

Sam and Lynne Givhan

Walter D. and Frances Givhan

Jeff and Melissa Gunnells

Everett Hale

Webb and Marietta Holmes

Carol Holtzclaw

G. Truett James

George and Shirley Kelley

Hunter Lewis and Elizabeth Sidamon-Eristoff

Jan Luther

Robert and Suzanne McKee

Clifton and Martha McKnight

William G. McKnight

Bobby Merkle

David and Ingrid Mollahan

Bill and Katie Poole, Jr.

John and Doris Rankin

Leah and Isaac Rankin

Jim and Rachel Ratcliff

Dan and Rene Sumlin

Robert and Katie Summerville

Jennifer Leigh Tucker

Jim and Vicky Watson

J.J. Weeks

Tommy Whitfield

Annie Rankin Williams

Barbara G. Willis

Laura Wittman


Marengo Society $250.00 - $499.99

Tom and Jackie Belcher

Betty Lou B. Gaines

Don and Barbara Hammond

Michael McCray

Pat and Erin Rankin

Chris and Susan Smith

Hugh Thomas

Jody and Gail Rankin, Jr.


Watkins Society $500.00 - $999.99 

Archie and Susan Craft

Elizabeth G. Crosby

George and Nancy McKee

Dr. Jonathan Merkle

Don and Marjorie Overmeyer, Jr.

Archie L. Sims


Harrison Society $1,000+

Robert N. and Ree Almon, Jr.

The Clayton Family

Sheffield Hale

Bucky Henson

Thomas E. Jernigan Foundation

Ellen Hale Jones

Wally Nall

Many Thanks


our Generous Donors!

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